It is very easy today to look up any information on the internet and start reading. If that was the right way, we would not need schools, colleges or universities anymore. Right guidance from a seasoned expert will do you more good than reading up free or easily available content online.

When it comes to banking, it is important to understand that this is a very dynamic subject, changes are happening very fast in this area. This is where Narang’s Bankers Training Institute comes in. To help you keep up with the latest in banking we do not just blindly throw everything new at you. NBTI study kits are prepared after thorough research of all changes announced by the RBI, important industry updates, economic changes and policy announcements relevant for a banker appearing for JAIIB, CAIIB and Promotion exams. An in depth understanding into how these will impact you in your day to day work as a banker makes the study material relevant. The study kits prepared by our expert faculty with deep knowledge and rich experience as a banker and successful trainer in training hundreds of bankers in his banking tenure adds real value.

Thus, we are able to bring you quality material which is simple in language but rich in information, completely relevant without any overdose of information. So, here is why you should read NBTI study kits…the choice is yours.


  1. Our kits contain latest updates which are extensively revised every six months, or even sooner if need be.
  2. Almost 25-30% Questions are Based on Latest Guidelines of RBI issued from time to time. Naturally if you read old material and fail just by 2-3 marks, how dearly that will cost you?
  3. Our JAIIB Books, contain theory in brief of each topic which one must know to be able to attempt lots of MCQs both module wise and topic wise, and Numerical Problems and Case Studies besides in CAIIB Books.
  • We refresh knowledge of our participants with Latest Inputs on their Email till a Fortnight Before the examination date.
  • We provide 5-6 Updated Online Mock Tests per Subject in case of JAIIB and 4-5 For Compulsory Subjects of ABM and BFM in case of CAIIB, Free of Cost to our participants 2 months before commencement of the examinations. These mock tests are based on latest recalled questions and latest RBI directions.
  • All this at a price which is just half of the prevailing market rates.
  • Try our kits and see the miracle happen.
  1. Just go through TESTIMONIALS of our past participants here.

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