NBTI Connect

We started out in 2001 with just one thought in mind, of making learning interactive and interesting for bankers. We have come a long way from there, thanks to your patronage and support. Our deep experience, simple delivery and best-in-class content has been whole-heartedly appreciated and welcomed by all our program participants. We have received a tremendous response for our physical classes held across the country and more so for the Distance Learning Program designed to cater to the growing need of bankers wanting to learn at their convenience without having to travel long distances for physical classes. Our DLP model was especially crafted to facilitate knowledge retention and deliver brilliant results for participants. Most of them clearing JAIIB and CAIIB exams in the first attempt. Their success gave us the confidence to improvise and make further value additions, thus offering a dynamic learning platform exclusively for bankers. This being a step towards connecting and reaching out to all of you interested in and applying for JAIIB, CAIIB, and Internal Bank Promotion Exams…Welcome to NBTI!!

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