Making the Right Choice

“The early bird catches the worm.” A famous idiom we have all heard while growing up from our teachers, parents and elders trying to teach us the value of self-discipline, punctuality, organization and a methodical approach in life. What this idiom simply means is those who start preparing early stand a better chance at success than those who do not. I’m not here trying to give any teaching lessons, but simply say this that given the hectic schedule of a banker in the present time, it is tough to study along with work. Working hours have increased, work load has gone up and in general our lifestyle today demands a lot from us in terms of time and attention. So in such a scenario would you want to struggle with lengthy, tedious, heavy worded books, with lots and lots of pages that say everything about and around banking but those specific things that you need to know to clear your exams? Or would you rather choose simple, clear, concise, already well-researched and proven study material that is easy to understand and conceptually grasp that guarantees your success in the exams? Well, the choice is yours.

But if you take my advice, I would encourage you to start your preparation early so you can go slow and steady without any pressure and be ready well in time for your exams while many others out there would still be busily trying to figure out where to get a cheaper book from and be cheated at the hands of several players out there in the market who do make big promises but deliver nothing when the time comes. By then you will have absorbed and understood all the concepts and practiced all types of questions and be ready to succeed in your JAIIB exams or CAIIB exams or Promotion tests. So I would say choose wisely, choose now to gain advantage of an early start over all those who are waiting for the final lap to enter the race and gamble their career over freebies and low quality books just because they weigh quantity more over quality.  Now it is up to you to make that choice.

Having said that, here is just a little extra push for those appearing for JAIIB May 2018 exams as a welcome gesture from Team NBTI. Read more

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