As the old saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. Undoubtedly practice is the key to success but practising in the right manner ensures success in the first attempt of any exam, be it a civil services exam, state services exams, banking exams or any other examination. Banking is one such sector where professionals can grow in their careers at any point in time. Attempting exams like Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of the Bankers or JAIIB and Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers or CAIIB is the right step towards scaling heights in a banking career. Both these examinations need a lot of practice to get through. JAIIB is a bit easier to crack than CAIIB, but regular practice and good mentorship in specific areas is always required.

There are many institutions to choose from but students must look for specifications of their choice before opting for any banking institute. The institution should provide a detailed analysis of the syllabus to create a better understanding of it and how to cover it providing the milestones and entire roadmap; secondly, a team of best mentors to guide and keep students motivated throughout the exam journey and also clear the slightest of doubts wherever required ; thirdly a good set of recommended books for JAIIB and CAIIB should be provided by the institute, which contains precise and to the point knowledge thereby obviating any need for students to browse through the internet for hours and waste their precious time; fourthly regular practice through unit tests to check out retention of contents of a unit or chapter must be taken after completion of every milestone.! Mock tests are of utmost importance before taking final exams as they help the students identify their weak areas and work on those areas to ensure better performance in the final examination. Mock tests also transport students to a environment similar to real exam and help them to modulate their speed so as to ensure that they complete their exam paper in time. Mock tests make the students comfortable with exam pattern as well.

Narang’s Bankers Training institute is one such banking institution that has all the above-mentioned specifications. NBTI offers a complete package to guide you through your banking career in a right and goal-oriented manner, which makes the preparation hassle-free and saves a lot of time. NBTI provides the candidates with a definite strategy and work plan to make the preparation for the exam easy and comfortable. NBTI has a whole set of mock tests related to all topics of JAIIB and CAIIB. There are Unit Tests after the student has gone through a unit or chapter and these tests help him locate any areas where he needs to study minutely and thereafter improve performance through retest. The race before the final examination is concluded by offering the students 4 or 5 mock tests in each subject of JAIIB or CAIIB and thereby find out his state of preparedness for taking the final dive.

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