The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) has announced the exam dates for the JAIIB Exam 2022 and CAIIB exam 2022, as per the schedule here. 

JAIIB Exam Schedule

Sr. No. Subject Exam Date Registration Start & end date
1 Principles & Practice of Banking 08.01.2022 09.11.2021 to 15.11.2021
2 Accounting & Finance for Bankers 09.11.2022 16.11.2021 to 22.11. 2021
3 Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking 22.01.2022 23.11.2021 to 29.11.2021


CAIIB Exam Schedule

Sr. No. Subject Exam Date Registration Start & end date
1 Advanced Bank Management 30.01.2022 01.12.2021 to 07.12.2021
2 Bank Financial Management 06.02.2022 01.12.2021 to 07.12.2021
3 Retail Banking – Elective 12.02.2022 08.12.2021 to 14.12.2021**

** For Elective subjects of Information Technology, Risk Management and Central Banking – 15.12.2021 to 21.12.2021

The latest study material for the upcoming JAIIB exams 2022 and CAIIB exams 2022 is now available on our website.  The study kits include all updations and additions as per the changes announced by RBI relevant for these exams based on the prescribed IIBF syllabus.

N.B.T.I. Students can have a physical set of books or an Online version in PDF.

For Online material, a discount of 40% is available up to 31.10.2021. Avail of this discount by using coupon code ‘NBTI40’.  You can check out our online training kits at

For physical books no discount is available.

Updates up to 30.11.2021 for JAIIB /DBF and up to 31.12.2021 for CAIIB will be made available by 7th December 2021 and by 7th January 2022 respectively through the email address provided while placing the order.

For more information, you can write to us at



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