Your hard work and NBTI study kits can surely help you clear CAIIB in the first attempt as have most of our participants. You can clear CAIIB in one go by just referring to kits from Narang’s Bankers Training Institute, for as small a period as a fortnight provided you are planning to clear CAIIB in the shortest possible span of time and determined to study the material thoroughly and devote extra time in the short span. But if you want to dive deep into Advanced Banking concepts and mathematical calculations or to become an expert in any particular subject like Retail Banking or any other elective subjects you must start your preparation early devoting some time daily.


Understanding of the various concepts related to banking is very important for CAIIB as this forms the basis for cracking complex calculations, figuring out formulae for calculating various financial ratios and understanding mathematical methods in advanced banking. The knowledge you grasp here and the practical application you learn will help you in performing your duties smoothly as a banker and responsibly with confidence.


Having said that, it is also true that there is no short-cut to success. So, if you start early, 30-60 minutes a day is a good time investment to master the concepts covered under CAIIB. You can easily do this at home. You could go through the material a few times like a novel before approaching CAIIB mock tests or CAIIB previous question papers, and you will be able to answer the questions correctly. It is essential that you first read up before attempting any questions on the topics. Conceptual understanding is very crucial, without that you will feel lost trying to attempt CAIIB practice papers or CAIIB mock tests, and you will do more harm than good as your confidence can get a severe beating.


This is the reason why we designed our CAIIB Distance Learning Kits to give ease and convenience to every banker preparing for CAIIB examination. So that they can easily study while continuing with their daily work without taking leave to attend classes, or studying at odd hours or referring to CAIIB material online, sites, blogs, study groups, etc., because all it does is overwhelm you and shakes your confidence level and by the end of it you are left feeling lost and confused. And most free resources are inaccurate, a product of mass copy paste from old, obsolete, irrelevant data from the world wide web and this can not only misguide you but ruin any little understanding you may previously have of banking concepts.


Given that our CAIIB Distance Learning Kits are structured in such a way that you systematically go through Theory first, followed by Topic-wise and Module wise questions, advanced problems, case studies and then Online Mock Tests covering entire gambit of MCQs, Problems and Case studies for rigorous practice with exam like feel followed by solutions to the questions covered in the Mock Tests with explanations. Because we understand your need for well-researched, curated content from experts in the field with a fair amount of actual banking and teaching experience along with a knack to connect with you and get complex concepts across in simple, understandable manner. Therefore, we also conduct doubt clearing sessions in case a participant is still stuck somewhere…all of this from the comfort and convenience of your home.


CAIIB is a little tougher than JAIIB and so requires deeper understanding of concepts and more practical application. This is because the areas covered under CAIIB are very dynamic like International banking, Risk management, Economics, Credit Management which are always subject to frequent changes. Therefore, you must work out problems and case studies thoroughly to be able to grasp them properly and score handsome marks. Although CAIIB is a highly esteemed certification exam for a banker, it requires more effort to come out successful given the tough and exhaustive syllabus and time required for preparation. But we at Narang’s Bankers Training Institute took up this challenge and made our study material simple and easy to follow with elaborate practice in numerical problems and case studies so that anyone, from anywhere in the country can easily get this study material and learn at his / her own pace. As a result majority of our participants have cleared CAIIB with flying colours, even those struggling previously with failed attempts expressed their joy after clearing the exam finally with the help of NBTI study kits The content is self-explanatory, designed especially to meet the needs of bankers who are preparing for the exams without any additional support of classes or study groups, studying from home while taking care of their personal and professional responsibilities and commitments.


This is the very reason why we designed our CAIIB Distance Learning Kits to provide ease and convenience to each banker preparing for this exam with guaranteed success. In today’s hectic and demanding bank set up, bankers can easily study our notes and even resolve any questions that they may have while continuing with their daily work activities without the need to take leave or travel for a class. So, make the right choice by choosing NBTI, your first step towards ensuring success in CAIIB exam.


TESTIMONIALS “Cleared CAIIB in first attempt this June 2019… Thank you so much Sir. I studied only two to three days before each exam… ABM – 56 BFM – 54 RETAIL – 50.”Arunavo Chakraborty, Cash Officer, Allahabad Bank


  1. Pradip Kumar Mondal January 29, 2021

    Any online coaching program available for June-2021 CAIIB exam at NBTI and course fees please.

    • Narang's Banker Training Institute

      Dear Sir,

      At the moment there is no upcoming online coaching program for CAIIB. You might however, like to take a look at our Distance Learning Program for CAIIB which has been very effective, helpful and produced great result for all our participants appearing for CAIIB exam. Our CAIIB kits are extremely well designed for studying at home alongside your daily work activities. For more details you can write to us at

      Thank you.
      Team NBTI

  2. rafiq September 13, 2021

    i need study material along with solved/unsolved numericals on AMB module of CAIIB, since i have already cleared other two modules.

    kindly help.

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