Every individual has multiple qualities of head and heart. These qualities
usually get suppressed because of very busy office schedules which
normally spills over to home. With such a busy schedule even attending
to the daily routine of banking and planning for business development, an
employee /Officer is left with little spare time and hard work required for
preparing for and qualifying for professional qualifications like JAIIB/CAIIB or
Diploma or Certificate Course relevant to his field of work. This is true of
all employees/Officers of the Bank.

It is here that Narang’s Bankers Training Institute comes to your aid and
puts you on the “SHORT CUT” to succeed in JAIIB/ CAIIB etc. by
providing you very crisp, to the point and updated books or kits.
You can read the “testimonials” of our students given under the section
‘About Us’ of our website. We also provide you with the latest updates up to a
fortnight before the examination. The material for JAIIB & CAIIB is
available Online also in hard copy. Orders for online be placed under
section’ Online Training’ while for a hard copy be placed under ‘Distance
Learning” section of the website.

For the promotion examination, we have so far been providing only a hard copy
of the material. We shall be providing material for promotions also
online from 16th May 2022 onwards.

NBTI stands for a commitment to their students and those who repose
‘Faith’ in us is always decorated with Success.

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