A Chinese proverb goes – “Be not afraid of going slowly but of standing still.”

One shall always move forward on the path of growth and better financial avenues to enhance one’s knowledge and secure the future. In the Banking sector, every Public Sector Bank (PSBs) and Regional Rural Bank (RRBs) provides an opportunity to the young bankers and aspirants to attain heights in their career by enhancing their banking domain knowledge and stature, by conducting internal promotional examinations periodically as per need for manpower at various levels in their banks. IBPS conducts these exams to test and verify the preparedness of banking personnel for taking greater responsibility and accountability.

On the other hand, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) conducts exams like JAIIB/ DBF and CAIIB twice every year normally in the month of April/May and October/November.

Qualifying JAIIB and CAIIB add to the professional knowledge of banking staff by making them aware of risk management, financial management, general principles of banking, IT Management, etc. PSBs give preference to candidates who have cleared JAIIB and CAIIB by providing financial incentive in the shape of additional increments and career advancement by providing weightage in the interview and overall promotion process. For candidates who have cleared JAIIB and CAIIB two increments are given by the banks.

Remember both these exams are not internal promotion examinations. But in a way they can be called LADDER to elevation in banks. These professional examinations are, however, different in several ways. While preparing for these exams candidates have general queries and doubts about what is the eligibility criteria and syllabus, how much time to devote, when to start studying, where to get study material for JAIIB/ CAIIB and whether the CAIIB study material is good and well organized and whether CAIIB Mock Tests are enough to prepare. Narang’s Bankers Training Institute (NBTI) provides relevant answers to all the doubts and queries faced by the candidate.


Commerce Graduates normally do not find JAIIB /DBF syllabus that difficult but it can be a little tricky for students with a non-commerce background. However, it can be passed easily with the training material provided by NBTI which help the candidate by simplifying the module in easily understandable bite sized pieces, providing well-researched JAIIB Books and ensuring that the concepts have been understood by taking unit tests for each Unit through JAIIB online study material and by using JAIIB and CAIIB Mock test.

One can get the material for JAIIB/ DBF and  CAIIB online when updated material, unit tests and Mock tests are available at our website or through offline mode i.e  through physical copies for theory and unit tests and can attempt mock tests through website or through link provided. We are on the job for online version of material for internal promotions in banks and hope to comply the job by end of May 2022.




CAIIB is a bit  tough to crack as compared to JAIIB. In training circles, the saying goes:

” WE HEAR & WE FORGET; WE SEE & WE REMEMBER; WE DO & WE UNDERSTAND.”  Because of variety of problems and Case studies which account for minimum 40 to 50 percent of the marks in a particular subject the third part of the above saying i.e., “WE DO & WE UNDERSTAND” is the crux of CAIIB examinations. NBTI training material for CAIIB can immensely help you prepare you for passing CAIIB in a single attempt. NBTI mentors have poured their knowledge into CAIIB study material and CAIIB books & CAIIB Mock Tests provided by NBTI which are easy to understand and can help the candidate to emerge as the winner in the exam.

One common incentive for both JAIIB & CAIIB is that if a candidate appears for all three subjects and scores minimum 45 marks in one or two subjects and overall score is minimum 50 percent, he / she will be declared successful 

N.B. IIBF through notification issued on 9th November 2021 has notified the candidates   about change in the syllabus for JAIIB and CAIIB.


New Syllabus for JAIIB/DBF

In the new exam pattern, the exam will be conducted in 4 modules instead of the previously set 3 modules.

  1. Indian Economy and Indian Financial System [Newly added]
  2. Principle and practices of banking.
  3. Accounting and Financial management for bankers
  4. Retails banking and wealth management.


New Syllabus for CAIIB

Instead of two compulsory subjects and one elective subject, the new exam pattern will have four compulsory subjects and one elective subject.

Compulsory subjects:

  1. Advanced bank management
  2. Bank financial management
  3. Advanced Business and financial management
  4. Banking regulations and business laws.


One Elective subject can be chosen from the list below:

  1. Risk management
  2. Information Technology and Digital Banking
  3. Central Banking
  4. Human resource management
  5. Rural Banking


The syllabus will come tentatively w.e.f November-

December 2022 or latest from May-June 2023.

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