Exam Tips

I hope the first paper for JAIIB went well for the participants. For the remaining I wish all JAIIB and CAIIB exam participants the very best for their preparation and exams.

I am sure you have already gone through the theory section thoroughly. If not, you still have a little time to at least read up the study material. Just read it through like a novel to familiarize yourself with the topics and then attempt the MCQs for practice. You have the option of attempting the questions a number of times in the online test format to improve your performance. If you go through the subject properly you can find out independently as to how the solution to a particular question is arrived at. If you are thorough with the subject you should immediately grasp the hint to reach the correct answer. Therefore, I encourage all participants who still have some time left with them to study the subjects thoroughly and re-attempt the mock tests after a few days gap. You should try to solve problems and case studies yourself and not depend on just reading as there is a saying about learning process, ‘We hear and we forget; we see and we remember; we do and we UNDERSTAND’. So try to solve numerical and case studies at least two to three times and see the miracle. Remember there is no short cut to success.

Wish you Good Luck!

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