Exam Tips: How to Prepare for CAIIB 2020

There is no short-cut to success. If not too much in-depth knowledge as given in MacMillan books or several others available in the market, meant purely for gaining knowledge for those looking for subject expertise, you must focus on the key areas as covered in NBTI study kits.

Understanding of the concepts is very important for CAIIB as it is the next step after JAIIB. The knowledge you have grasped with JAIIB comes into application now towards preparation for CAIIB. JAIIB or Diploma in Banking and Finance is equivalent to Matriculation in Banking and Finance and CAIIB is like Graduation in Banking and Finance. While CAIIB is tough, JAIIB is much more easy and gives basic knowledge. CAIIB gives you the understanding of how to crack the problems with the knowledge you have acquired with JAIIB which you can then apply in your day-to-day banking activities. Both are very helpful in professional career, giving you the understanding, knowledge and confidence to succeed and address any challenges you may come across while working in the bank.

Moreover, CAIIB is a highly esteemed certification exam for a banker but not all clear it given the tough and exhaustive syllabus and time required for preparation. But we took up this challenge and made our study material simple and easy to follow with elaborate practice in numericals and case studies. As a result, nearly all our participants have cleared CAIIB with flying colours, even those struggling previously with failed attempts expressed their joy after clearing the exam finally with the help of NBTI study kits. While many others apprehensive about attempting the exam given their non-accounting background have cleared in single attempt.

So, if you start early, 30 minutes a day is a good time investment to master the concepts covered under CAIIB. Or you could read the material a few times over like a story book before approaching mock tests or practice papers, and you will be able to answer the questions correctly. It is essential that you do the reading up first before attempting any questions on the topics. Conceptual understanding is very crucial, without that you will feel lost trying to attempt any CAIIB practice papers or CAIIB mock tests, and you will do more harm than good as your confidence will not build up. For this reason we have structured our CAIIB Distance Learning Kits in such a way that you systematically go through the Theory section first, followed by Module wise questions and then CAIIB Online Mock Tests for rigorous practice with exam like feel.

We designed our CAIIB Distance Learning Kits to give ease and convenience to every banker preparing for CAIIB. In today’s hectic and demanding bank set up, bankers can easily study while continuing with their daily work without taking leave or traveling for a class.

So gear up for exams are just around the corner. Prepare well and you will surely clear CAIIB Exam with a good score.

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