About Promotion Tests in Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

Banks in the public sector as well as regional rural banks keep conducting Promotion Tests to various scales internally. This is a huge opportunity for any banker to grow in scale and position along with the rich experience that comes along the way. From time to time every banker is required to upscale, opening up a big window of opportunity starting from the entry level clerical position, moving up to senior level scale IV position by clearing these internal promotion exams announced by their respective Banks.

Our Distance Learning Program
At NBTI it is our endeavour to provide you the best in class bank promotion study material for Banks’ Internal Promotion Exams. Our Bank Promotion books, with their simple, easy-to-understand, high-quality, well-researched content, exam-oriented approach and well thought out structure have helped many bankers clear their scale promotion exams in one shot. Given that Banking and Finance is such a dynamic area witnessing frequent changes, it is our prerogative to provide you only the latest and most up-to-date information so you need not refer any other book on the subject. We have three types of Kits for Promotions – 
Kit 1 for Clerical to Scale I 
Kit 2 for Scale I to II 
Kit 3 for Scale II to III and III to IV
  • The study kit for clerical to scale 1 Promotions comes with 2 handbooks Banking Theory in Brief with topic wise multiple choice questions and Mock Tests for Practice and Recalled Questions of previous 4-5 years collected from our past participants.
  • The study kit for scale I to II Promotions comes with 3 handbooks, an advanced one on Risk management, Advanced Foreign exchange, etc. in addition to the 2 handbooks.
  • The study kit for scales II to III and III to IV Promotions also comes with 3 handbooks, Material for Promotions to Scale III and IV with more emphasis on risk management, exchange management, computerization and treasury management and other information on financial awareness in addition to the 2 handbooks.
By ordering our Distance Learning kit participants have hugely benefited from our quality bank promotion material without having to leave the comfort of their homes.
Our Online Classroom Program

Clearing your promotion exams is a great way to accelerate your growth in the bank. Other than actual experience of working in the bank, basic knowledge of banking processes and guidelines is a must. With scarcity of time and a whole load of unfiltered information available online, it is difficult to grasp what is important for you. Seeing the struggle most bankers face here, we are here to help you with well-curated content not just in the form of our Distance Learning kits but also hands-on online classes. For class announcements, please visit “News and Updates