Bank Promotion Exams – A golden opportunity for growth

Banks in the public sector as well as regional rural banks keep conducting Promotion Tests to various scales internally. This is a huge opportunity for any banker to grow in scale and position along with the rich experience that comes with it. From time to time every banker is required to upscale, opening up a big window of opportunity starting from the entry level clerical position, moving up to senior level scale IV position by clearing these internal promotion exams announced by their respective Banks.

As with any growth path, along with the incentive of a higher pay scale and position also comes greater responsibility and accountability. These exams are put in place to prepare the Banker to handle responsible positions by learning about banking basics and enhancing their banking knowledge with the years through investment in study and actual experience in the branch. This is an opportunity not just for all bankers to grow in their career paths but also for the respective banks and the Indian banking sector at large.

Thus the scope of study which starts from basic banking knowledge gets wider with each scale promotion exam to cover guidelines and latest updates issued by the Reserve Bank of India and financial and economic reports, budget and policy changes by the governement in the banking and financial sector, advanced banking concepts like Risk Management, Foreign Exchange, Banking Technology and Treasury Management, and other information on financial awareness.

The structure and approach of NBTI study kits for Internal Promotion Exams in Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) is unique and very well-thought out and methodical. These study kits have helped many bankers get that dream promotion they were hoping for and looking forward to in anticipation for a long time. The gap in proper knowledge and guidance somehow could not get them across in time to move up their career ladder quickly. But this has all changed with NBTI Distance Learning Material as you no longer need to take leave and miss office or home to attend a class to prepare for your promotion exams. You can do it now from the comfort of your home, at your own pace with the best-in-class Promotion study material from Narang’s Bankers Training Institute.

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