The desire to grow in your banking career creates the need for specialised courses being offered by premier Institutes like IIBF focussed on developing and nurturing competent professionals in banking and finance field.

Of the several specialized certificate courses offered by IIBF, namely Certified Bank Trainer, Certified Banking Compliance Professional, Certified Credit Professional, Certified Treasury Professionals, Risk in Financial Services, Certified Accounting and Audit Professional, we at Narang’s Bankers Training Institute provide distance learning material for Certified Credit Professional Examination.

The syllabus covered under these various courses is also covered briefly under JAIIB and in some detail focussing primarily on practical application even in CAIIB. However, those bankers who also wish to master these specific fields are encouraged to undergo these specialised courses offered by IIBF, thereby making them subject matter experts in various fields in banking. Let us briefly look at these individual courses and how they can help in your career advancement.

Certified Bank Trainer is a special course designed in collaboration with NIBM to develop highly professional trainers for training establishments at banks, bank training institutes and financial institutions. This course aims to impart the necessary training skill set to trainers making them more effective in their training function. This course is focussed on faculty development including presentation skills, comprehension ability, conceptualization, creativity, conduct and control over the class. Thus, inculcating advanced skills for handling training in emerging areas in banking and finance. So, if you’re fascinated with providing quality training and making a difference in someone’s career this is the right choice for you.

Certified Banking Compliance Professional course primarily seeks to cover importance of compliance function in banks, compliance and organizational benefit, structure and issues in compliance function, various aspects/ coverage of compliance in banks, role and functions of compliance officer, etc. This course on compliance in banks has been planned based on the suggestions made by the Governing Council members of IIBF. The Institute pursued the suggestion by organizing workshops in collaboration with International Compliance Association (ICA), London. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), New Delhi came forward for offering a joint certification with IIBF to their members as also the CAIIB holders to make available well qualified candidates to work in the compliance department in banks. So, if you love legal jargon and compliance matters, this is the course for you.

Certified Treasury Professionals course is designed to create a cadre of well-trained Treasury Professional to handle the front office treasury operations in banks and financial institutions. Presently, the Treasury Professionals are provided with hands on training within the organization followed by training programmes conducted by assigned bodies. However, it has been noticed that the absence of an appropriate course affects the competency level of treasury professionals which in turn impacts the overall Treasury function in the financial sector. Thus, this course aims to address these challenges and help bring about standardization and uniformity among the market players. So, if your preoccupation concerns funds and their proper usage, you can opt for this course.

The Certificate examination in Risk in Financial Services has been designed to enable bankers to gain expertise in the area of Risk Management in Financial Services. This course is being offered in collaboration with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), London. Members of IIBF as well as Non-members can take this exam. The examination has two parts, one covering the Indian scenario and the other dealing with the international scenario. So, if you don’t shy away from taking financial risk and wish to learn the right way to handle securities and investment, you should definitely take up this course.

Certified Accounting and Audit Professional course has been designed to develop a cadre of personnel in banks who can perform various accounting and audit functions. The course provides in-depth understanding of important accounting and audit areas like Fundamentals of Accounting, Financial Statement of Banks, Preparation of Financial Statements, Accounting Standards (IND-AS), Introduction and Types of Audit, Internal Audit, Audit in Computerised Environment, Aspects of Bank Financial Statements, etc. So, if you love numbers and all aspects of its review and assessment, then this course is meant for you.

Certified Credit Professional course provides a holistic insight into the various dimensions in bank credit management, thereby inculcating advanced skills for handling credit management issues. Since bank credit mechanism has undergone phenomenal changes in recent years, it is essential to train credit officers so that they can perform different credit functions across banks. From an older understanding where credit simply meant Cash Credit, Overdraft and Loan; it’s definition today is more complex which includes even quasi credit facilities like Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Co acceptances, Buyer’s Credit and Supplier’s Credit. Thus, it is vital that a credit officer working in the bank be well informed and up-to-date about such products while dealing with them. He needs a clear understanding in order to assess the risk involved and to judge the repayment capacity of the borrower to honour the liabilities within the agreed timeframe. So, if you are a newly posted bank officer in the credit department, trying to find head and tale in matters of credit, or you simply aspire to become a credit officer very soon, this course is right choice for you.

This is where NBTI plays an important role in providing you the right theoretical knowledge and understanding of credit management as a vital function in banks. We prepare you to take on the online examination for Certified Credit Professional compulsory for the Physical Classroom Training conducted by IIBF which can turn you into a real credit officer in no time.


  1. amit shaha October 4, 2020

    pl guide for risk in finanacial services course conducted by iibf

    • Narang's Banker Training Institute

      Dear Participant,

      Thank you for writing to us. We do not provide exclusive study material for Risk Management course conducted by IIBF. Under specialised courses, study material is available for Certified Credit Professional Examination. We will surely update you in case we venture into this domain. You may look for suitable study material online.
      For JAIIB, CAIIB and internal scale promotions in banks you can check out our uniquely designed study material for excellent results.

      Team NBTI

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