Schedule for JAIIB/DBF May 2018 Examination
>>Registration time for JAIIB and DBF examinations is extended till 10th April 2018 with normal fee, and up to 13th April 2018 with late fee. In case you have not registered yourself yet, please do so before the last date to avail the opportunity to appear in May 2018 examination.

Examination Date             Subject
06.05.2018 -                      Principles and Practices of Banking
13.05.2018 -                      Accounting and Finance for Bankers 
20.05.2018 -                      Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking     
Regular open period for Registration with normal fees is 02.03.2018 to 27.03.2018
Extended Period for Registration with late fee is 28.03.2018 to 31.03.2018